Logo dell'azienda Carlo di Pradis

Giving time to mature…

…to emotions

To drink our wines is to be transported into the world of Carlo di Pradis. Taste our vine- ripe berries, get to know our family and discover the values cultivated in vineyards located around the winery in the Collio DOC zone, and in the municipalities of Moraro and Mariano in the Isonzo DOC.
The Buzzinellis were among the families that founded the Consorzio Collio, Friuli’s longest-established wine protection consortium and the organization that continues to unite the territory’s growers today.

The Isonzo wines

Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Cabernet 2013
Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Merlot 2012
Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Chardonnay 2013
Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Friulano 2013
Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Sauvignon 2013
Isonzo del Friuli D.O.C. Pinot Grigio 2013

The Collio wines

Collio D.O.C. Pinot Grigio 2013
Collio D.O.C. Friulano 2013
Collio D.O.C. Sauvignon 2013
Scusse 2009